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Advantages of vaping over smoking. Is this why there is more direct vapor promo codes?

It has been quite some time now since vaping was first introduced but there is still a big debate whether it is safer compared to smoking.

Vaping is only a recent concept but has also gained much popularity in such a short time. Vaping is now a current trend all over the globe being used by a lot of people thus leading to high demand for the E-cigarettes.

Many people however still have doubts about the safety and health issues that comes with vaping, but if you look at how rapid the vape stores and shops are increasing then you will know how popular vaping has become. Maybe, the much rising popularity is contributed to by the following reasons.

  • Chemicals that are less harmful

Comparing the E-cigarettes with the actual cigarette, you will notice that harmful chemicals and other toxins are available in large amounts in cigarettes than in E-cigarettes.

These dangerous chemicals include carbon monoxide, nicotine, arsenic, cyanide and many others. All of these usually goes in to your body when you smoke.

This is what causes cancer but on the other side if you decide to go with vape juice, you will realize that it only has a few amount of these harmful chemicals. They are even made using some food grade flavors that are approved to be safe for consumption.

  • Easy on health

Well, by now you already know that smoking can also cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases apart from cancer.

Many research that have been conducted always end up proving how dangerous smoking is to human health. This usually puts the regular smokers at great risks of suffering from various complications that comes along with smoking.

You see when tobacco burns, it produces carcinogenic chemicals which are quite harmful to the human body. This is another reason why E-cigarettes are always preferred and if you are keen enough, people usually can get a direct vapor discount as a way of promoting them over smoking.

  • Less addictive and can help a person to give up smoking

One of the most harmful things produced when smoking is nicotine. It is even produced in large quantities and is always very addictive thus making it hard to give up smoking.

In other countries like Australia, vape liquids that are commercially available are not allowed to contain any amount of nicotine. This is why one can use the Vaporizers for quite a long period of time and still won’t be addicted to the substance.

Another advantage is the fact that vaping can help you quit smoking if you were an addict. Most people usually turn to vaping as the first step to train themselves to stop smoking.

There has been evidence that regular smokers can be able to stop smoking for about 3 months just by the use of vaporizers. This is why it comes in handy if all you want is to quit smoking but you just don’t know how to.

  • Vaping does not have any negative effects to the environment

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that smoking is harmful to the environment. The litter produced also add to the fact that it’s bad to our environment.

Did you know that smoking also contributes to most fires starting as a result of carless disposal of the cigarette filters? When you smoke tobacco, you don’t only put your health at great risk but you will also be contributing to the greenhouse effect and also atmospheric pollution.

This is one risk that you can‘t be worrying about when vaping as it is not in any way harmful to the environment.

  • More convenient

If you compare both smoking and vaping, you will notice that vaping is more convenient when it comes to how and where to use it.

However, you need to first check if you abide by the local laws that govern the use of vaping.

In most cases however, one is always allowed to vape freely even in public areas without having to worry about the smell or any smoke.


From all these benefits, obviously one can conclude that vaping is by far a better choice compared to smoking.

Well, I don’t know about you but what I usually say is, when something has more advantages than disadvantages then it is definitely something worth trying out. Check out more vaping benefits here.

Either way, the use of these substances generally isn’t good but if at all you need to smoke, you might consider making the switch. Try vaping today and notice the difference.

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