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Buying Tips for Acrylic Display Case

Since there are very many acrylic display cases available in the market, most people find it hard to identify the high quality ones. There are very many acrylic displays factories that claim to be professionals and have lots of experience in the industry, and promise to offer topnotch acrylic display cases. The following tips will guide you in identifying the right acrylic display case during the time of purchase.

Acrylic Display Case

Material Transparency

It is very important to consider the material of transparency of the display case. As a buyer, you need to know if the acrylic material is of great quality. There are two types of acrylic material, that is, extrusion sheet and casting sheet. Acrylic extrusion is not as transparent as acrylic casting. A great acrylic display case is one that is very transparent.


It is also important to check how material is thick as it will enable you to identify the right display case. The acrylic display cases are made using different acrylic materials which means they vary in thickness. It is highly recommended to buy one that is of standard size or thickness. The allowable error of the display case you are buying should be as small as possible. If the material has big allowable error, it means the material used to make it is poor in quality.


You should not ignore the color of the acrylic display case when you are making a purchase. It is true that some of the best displaces cases available in the market are stunningly beautiful and have uniform colors. So, make sure you check the colors of various display cases and identify one that matches your brand.

Sense of material

It is very important to know the sense of material. Feel free to touch the display case when making the purchase to feel its texture. A good acrylic display case is one that is sleek and has a silky surface. A great display case usually have smooth as well as rounded surface and feel good when touched by hand. It will also not leave traces or fingerprints when touched.

Point of Junction

The acrylic display cases are usually assembled by people or machines using glue. You should buy an acrylic display case that has no bubbles and very hard. The bubbles are usually introduced when the display case isn’t assembled properly.


It is advisable to determine how stable and strong the display case it. If the display case is not stable, it means it will easily break or get distorted when carrying your item or product.

Reasons for Buying Acrylic Display Case at Parkway Display

Any business should consider buying acrylic display case. It is a perfect tool for showcasing the items or products to potential products. Most importantly, businesses will find the Parkway Display’s display cases cheap marketing tools, cheap to assemble, highly customizable and light in weight. As compared to media or other print media form of advertisements, acrylic display cases allows businesses to lure more customers cheaply. Also, these cases are 100% recyclable materials and do not harm the ecosystem.


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