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Find Out How to Use Drones to Improve your Business’ Marketing Strategy

There are many benefits to being in the drone business. When you possess the perfect drone marketing strategy, you will have the ability to grow your influence and maybe sales. As online video accounts for about fifty percent of mobile traffic, let your business stand out using drone footage. Because of the beautiful visual effects which offered by a video recording drone, audiences will be attracted and amazed.

Use Drones to Improve your Business

From travel marketing to real estate videos for marketing to drone photography business, drone videography can be utilised for amplifying your business marketing strategy. If you wish to brand your business as intriguing and innovative, consider a guerilla marketing drone.

A professional video drone has the ability to capture great aerial shots. And you can expect drone street marketing to amaze any passerby. The use of drone services to market one’s brand is a 2016 trend.

The Value of Aerial Videos

About 90 percent of online shoppers say that video can help them make their shopping decisions. Videos have incontrovertible power but aerial video has even better power. Aerial videos are not conventional. Although everybody can have footage such a convention from the ground, a convention’s aerial view is not a daily visual.

Zero Disruption

Perhaps the two most important aspects of videos are its high shareability and engagement. Know that no other medium available includes both auditory and visual senses. Essentially, this makes videos stand out. Internet users can easily share a video just like when they share an infographic, article or podcast. However, videos tend to be more interesting, engaging and sensational to share.

Applying Drones to your Marketing Strategy

Since you have already known the benefits of drone marketing for your specific business, it is time to apply what you have learned now. Read the tips below to know how to integrate the use of drones in your marketing strategy.

Use Drones to Improve your Business

  • Target your niche-For instance, if you belong to the wedding industry, take remarkable aerial photos and videos of an outdoor wedding to dazzle your audience. Make sure you take aerial shots of visual that pertains to your niche.
  • Stay ahead– Consider following some websites that can help you in staying on top of recent inventions in the world of drone marketing. If you fail to be the first to know about a trend, your business won’t be regarded as a modern and leading brand.
  • Brand your business– Marketing your business, service or products won’t get your far. It is necessary to promote it. Drones are a great way to brand your business as they can  give an edge over your competitors.
  • Show off in live events– There is no need for your drones to record in order to get the attention of some audiences. At local events such as at conferences, your business can boast of drones by showing off tricks and elaborating how aerial footage works.  Being able to tell everybody in the event that you have a cool technology will help you attract new customers which are likely to fall in love with your brand.

Use Drones to Improve your Business

Author Bio: Brad Sloan is a 20-year technology industry veteran with a background in manufacturing, electronics, digital imaging, field service, software, research, and mobility. He is a strong interest in drone photography and videography & currently working with national drones as a blogger and copywriter…


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