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Here’s What Businesses Must Know About Privileged Access Management

With increasing number of security breaches and growing complexities within the IT environment, corporates and businesses have shared concerns for identity & access management. For the uninitiated, this simply means having control on sensitive business data. The right people should have access to the required and intended information at the right time, and that’s what identity & access management is all about. In this context, the concept of privileged access management is even more important and relevant.

What is privileged access management?

As mentioned, privileged access management is a part of IDM security measures, which refers to having control and overview of super users, which included administrators, who often have extensive access to systems, applications and more. Privileged access management is necessary and important because it relates to the privileged accounts and users, who often have a direct access to selective information. It is also necessary to maintain and keep up with security procedures and internet controls, so that any form of breach or information targeting can be avoided. While there are generic requirements with regards to segregation of duties (SoD), the same doesn’t always suffice the needs for privileged accounts.

 Knowing more on relevance

Privileged Accounts basically have more rights, simply because they fix different critical business issues or errors with IT systems. Sometimes, regular users may also want privileged access for handling certain tasks, and the system should be able to respond aptly and adequately, so that delays are avoided. With all that in mind, fixing privileged access challenges is more important.

The common problems

All sorts of audit remarks that are made owing to the lack of audit trail are often a concern for IT administrators. The need for privileged access management is also relevant from the back because there’s little access or sorting of information as how changes, errors, and issues were approved and validated. If privileged access management isn’t in place, temporary accesses, mentioned earlier in this post, can be delayed, which can stall work and affect different businesses processes.

Getting help

There are a bunch of companies out there that help clients with privileged access management. There are ready-to-use suites, which can come handy for complex IT environments. You can use such systems to ensure timely reporting to required departments, super users and administrators, so that all activities, changes, fixes and transactions are fixed. Technology does have a big role to play here, and you need to find a company that has more features within the suite. The idea is to simplify privileged access management, and for that, one integrated system is necessary, so that all aspects can be noted and traced, when need be.

As a client, you have every right to compare and select between services based on your requirements. Every corporate IT environment faces specific challenges with regards to privileged accounts, and therefore, ready solutions may not work, especially of the modules and features are not flexible. To know more on what privileged access management can do for your company, contact one of these services right now for details.

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