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How to Generate More Insurance Leads: Referrals & Advertising

Insurance Leads are one of the main driving forces behind sales, where a lead represents a potential customer. Finding leads is hard work, and though insurance agents can actively generate new leads themselves, using experts is often a preferred method due to the value of the insurance agent’s time being compromised if they spend too much time marketing.

This is where insurance lead providers come in handy, since it is possible to collaborate with specialists and ultimately gain contacts who have the potential of being converted into new customers. Though working out which insurance lead providers are most suited to your requirements is a tricky process, websites such as http://best-insurance-leads.cubereviews.com have done a lot of the hard work for you, and provide a comprehensive list of the most highly recommended insurance lead providers, making the choice of selecting something tailored to your needs that bit easier.

Though marketing is time consuming, an active involvement in promotion is critical for insurance agents, especially in the early stages of their career. It is difficult to keep track of all the options available to you as an insurance agent, but two of the main methods of actively generating leads are outlined below, saving you the hassle of browsing the internet while enhancing the quality of the leads you acquire.


One of the most critical aspects of referrals is direct requests, especially when starting out. This involves asking clients and friends to recommend you to their peers, and by asking people directly they’ll be much more likely to remember you if they hear someone needs insurance.

You can also strike up partnerships with businesses by agreeing on a mutual promotion of services. This works wonders for both parties, and is even more effective if your partner asks prospective clients for their permission for you to call them. Another way to generate more insurance leads is to build a network of people who can recommend you to prospects who need insurance, in addition to participating in local events and public speaking to get your name out there.

Referrals are a great way to drum up new business, but if this doesn’t work on its own, offering an incentive to motivate people will encourage your clients to boast your services to others. When asking clients for referrals, you can offer a reward to encourage this behaviour, providing it’s within your state regulations.


Traditional advertising methods can help introduce you to wider circles, and picking one or two effective methods can help you generate leads which you couldn’t access otherwise. Newspaper advertisements are a prime example, as a trustworthy, ethical and inspiring form of advertising which can be applied across various multimedia outlets.

Radio Advertisements are also surprisingly well-rated, where multiple consumers tune in to their local radio regularly, and are thereby open to hearing an advert you’ve produced. TV is even more consumed than radio, so if you can get an advert on there, though this is more expensive it will generally be more effective than radio and print, where people are more likely to retain things they see.

Other methods of advertising include flyers, a simple and cost effective promotion method, sponsorships, and freebie distribution, where everyone loves receiving something for free. If you can fulfill people’s desire for free stuff while exposing your business, prospective new leads will end up with your product in their hands.

I hope you have found this article useful, and if you feel as if I’ve left anything out, be sure to comment below to get the discussion going!

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