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Posters for Advertising: Ideas to Help you Get Started

Using posters for advertising presents a major opportunity and issue that do not exist with other media. The main problem is making a poster which grabs attention and delivers the message quickly. When the problem is addressed correctly, the opportunity cannot be matched or replaced by other form of display advertising. This is because posters command you to act now and create a memory peg to be used as you act on later.

Poster advertising is a good marketing help for new businesses.  Several posters that are trying to get attention will greet people in the lobby or in front of the building. And many people watch a movie based upon the poster’s given impression. So will you get started in using posters for advertising?

Market Research

This is significant step in any advertising campaign. With the increasing costs of advertising these days, many companies cannot afford the shotgun approach to produce posters or buy a space or time. Your research must bring focus to your target customers as well as what they buy, where the buy and when they buy.


Your research is aimed at getting such customers to purchase from you. It will be so much easier to sell your products or services to customers when you know their buying habits. Great market research must show you the reasons consumers purchase a certain service or product. Also, your research should include knowing where to find poster suppliers.

Poster Design

When you have adequate market research, designing the poster will be easy and quick. Based upon the information your gathered information, you can design your poster to appeal to all the motivating factors behind a customer’s purchase. Great poster designs are quite different from other printed media like brochures. While an effective advertising campaign must be identifiable and consistent, posters tend to convey their message uniquely. The pictorial or image must create a mental picture of the viewer’s desired results. It is important to have a minimal printed message. Almost nobody will look at a poster and take note.


Travel posters must show destinations. Candle posters must show candles with relaxing decor. Attraction posters need to show people having fun. Whether you are selling landscaping services or lawnmowers, lawn mowing posters must show manicured lawns. The graphic is the poster design’s make it or break it decision. Surely, the logo, font, color and style of the message are essential; however, when nobody looks at your poster, they don’t make any difference.

Choose a printer that has vast experience in the poster industry. Use the internet. The printing industry is competitive and big.


After doing your due diligence on market research, designing your poster and finding a good printing service, you now need to get the information out. When you are promoting a business of general interest, you have to display your posters in such market. Small businesses that are locally owned and government agencies offer you space when you give them attractive non-obtrusive poster holders. When you are promoting your service or product regionally or nationally, you have to reach out to other sources like extreme pedestrian traffic locations, point of purchase locations, distribution in wholesale customer base, poster giveaway to retail customers and distribution within your organization.

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