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Saving Money On Heat Pumps Service Calls

Getting your house to heat up or cool down really requires some energy and forms a major component of your energy bills. The bills can go much higher if the heat pumps which do the job are not looked after well. If uncared for, they can ditch you when you need them the most. Further, they are just not easy to repair and can turn out to be a much more expensive affair. Thus it’s always a smart move if you seek a professional HVAC company right from the start and use and maintain it in such a manner that the problem gets nipped in the bud and it gives you smooth functioning and lowest operational cost. The below mentioned tips should help you in that direction –


Avoid the Rush

You should take care of your unit in such a manner that an emergency repair service is rarely required for them. An emergency service costs an exorbitant fee. Even if the unit breaks down, try scheduling a normal call instead of an emergency one, if possible. This really saves substantial money in your pocket. However, you can always request them to send in a technician within the next 24 to 48 hours. In case a particular company is not accommodating your request, it’s best to dump that and switch to another company. Most reputed companies like http://georgiamechanical.com/ cater to such requests without charging anything extra.

Hire a Specialist

To avoid much of frustrations, hassle and additional costs ensure that you are going with a thorough professional who is an expert on heat pumps. Do not waste your time on technicians who do not understand the make and model of your unit well. Instead, opt for one that understands your unit like the back of his hand. This will not only ensure that the job is done faster better and more efficiently but will also eventually cost you less.


Often these professionals carry with them the spare parts that they anticipate after a conversation with you, will be required. This helps in faster repair work. Such luxury and fast work is often absent with a general contractor. You can even enquire and ensure that they do supply spare parts as well.

Ask for a quote first

Its best to be candid and honest right at onset and inform the technician that you can only avail of the service of there is a real good price. Most will take the hint that you cannot pay beyond a certain limit and offer you their best price. Most also offer you a yearly contract which lessens the year round maintenance fee as well as makes the present service charge reduced considerably. The bottom line is that they offer you discount and reduced cost only if you specifically ask for it.


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