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Should you Use Permeable Paving Systems?

During the summer, a lot of people begin to think about boosting the look of their outdoor spaces. However, whether you want to rebuild your deck, patio, driveway or walkway, it is necessary to take into account the use of permeable materials rather than concrete or asphalt.

Standard paving surfaces are impervious, thus, they do not allow air or water to circulate through. When there is heavy rain, the local storm water system may be overwhelmed and harmful pollutants will be sent to local rivers and streams. And while it is good to get rid of excess paving, you may still need areas to park your vehicles and set your patio furniture.

Although concrete and asphalt have been the chosen materials for hardscapes, there are more benefits to using their least expensive counterparts. Permeable or pervious materials let water drain through them or through the construction’s joints. Here’s how this grid system works.

Managing Surface Water

Heavy rainfalls can get the sewer system overwhelmed while the natural irrigation gives little benefit to the grounds. However, the use of permeable materials allows the ground to capture, absorb and clean water runoff during this process.

Reducing the Need for Irrigation

As water seeps into the ground, there will be less man-produced irritation needed by the surrounding areas. This means, money savings and reduction of water usage for daily irrigation needs.

Giving Positive Effects on Temperatures

With permeable pavers, water can filtrate into the ground, giving the surrounding areas and the surface cooler temperatures than what a hard impervious surface can produce. The significant improvement in temperature will in turn benefit the health of local vegetation and air quality.

Offering an Improvement in the Look

In general, permeable surfaces look better than concrete and asphalt surfaces. They are available in a variety of styles that always stand out in terms of appeal. Options range from standard wood decking, grass pavers, pervious concrete and interlocking open-grid pavers.

Whether you are looking to spruce up your land or earn credits for an eco-friendly building program, permeable paving systems are an excellent way to enhance your property and protecting the environment.

Installing permeable paving stones that are set in crushed stone can give you a walkway or driveway that offers a healthier property. Sewer systems will run efficiently, plants will thrive and heat is significantly increased. Just ensure you get this grid system from a reputable company for guaranteed quality and satisfaction.


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