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Texture vs. Zinio vs. Magzter: Which Digital Magazine Service Is Right For You?

As technology improves and mobile device use continues to rise, we’ve seen a shift in everyday activities – now, many of them are going digital. Take cable for example; you no longer have to rely on cable companies to catch up on television shows and movies, you can simply stream them online. The same goes for reading. From tablets to Kobos, you no longer have to rely on hard copies to read your favourite books and magazines.


Many different companies are forming to take advantage of this shift and digital magazine services are no exception. When you type “digital magazine service” into Google, the most popular hits are Texture, Magzter, and Zinio. If you’re looking for a new digital magazine service, how do you know which one is right for you? Well, we are here to provide you a low down on all three services to help you make an informed and educated decision.


Texture offers hundreds of magazine titles for users to download on up to 5 different devices with one account. They offer both monthly and weekly magazines and also provide subscribers with unlimited access to both current and back issues of each magazine title. You can build a “best of” library so you can access your favourite articles quickly and easily. Like Zinio and Magzter, Texture can also be used on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices. If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, users can simply download the issues they want to read onto the device they’re using to read at their leisure later.

They also provide discount magazines when you subscribe to their service – $9.99 CAD per month for their basic membership and $14.99 for a premium membership. The difference is that, with the premium subscription, you also get unlimited access to weekly magazine titles. Texture also differs from other digital magazine services because they offer a 30-day free trial, allowing users to try the service for a full month before committing to a membership.


Zinio offers over five thousand magazine titles. Like Magzter and Texture, you can also read these magazines on any mobile device from iOS to Android to Windows 8. Zinio also offers back issues of their magazine titles and allows you to build a library of the titles you enjoy reading.

In terms of pricing, Zinio offers subscriptions of certain titles or issues at a discount. For example, if you love the magazine Style at Home you can order a year’s subscription (twelve issues) for $19.99 CAD or a single issue for $3.99. Unlike Magzter and Texture, subscribers order specific titles from Zinio rather than having a set fee for a membership. However, Zinio offers specials and deals on certain titles and subscriptions to provide users with more savings.


Magzter provides unlimited access to over four thousand different magazine titles that you can read on any mobile device. However, not every magazine title is offered at every membership level. In order for you peruse the most titles, you need to purchase a Magzter Gold membership at $79.99 per year. Magzter also offers a bookmarking option, so you can save your favourite articles to go back to later. You can also share your account with up to 4 family members, however you also need to have a Magzter Gold membership to access those sharing options. Magzter also provides access to back issues of their magazine titles.

Which digital magazine service do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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