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What Screen Printing Supplies would you require?

Screen printing industry has been around for years. It has continued to enhance exponentially. In the screen printing business, the supplies used while printing have been the key factor in the quality of items that you produce. Let us discuss the major screen printing supplies required in the printing companies, regardless big and small, in order to produce high-quality screen printed products.

Screen Film

The foremost step in the printing process requires you to have transparent and clear film where you would print your design. It has been a vital ingredient for proper transferring is your net. The film should match your printer. It could be bought in various sizes to suit both your artwork and printer requirements.

Screen Printing Supplies

Net Screens

An imperative aspect of screen printing has been in fact the screen itself. Net used for printing has been specially crafted to hold the design after the transferring. It would allow you to print the design with major registration and quality.



The process to transfer chosen design from film to net would need special photosensitive emulsion. The net screens have been coated with the emulsion and exposed to extreme light. They have been pressure washed, whereby displaying the design ironed into the screen.



When you start to print with the screen, you would require ink in the colours that your design needs. Foremost, you have to place your product on a flat surface. Then place your screen on top and pour the ink on to the screen to start printing.



Once your ink has been spread on the screen, a large squeegee would be used to pull the ink all over the screen. It would push the ink through the screen onto the product. However, while using a squeegee, it would be imperative to make use of a hard, smooth swipe in order to make sure the ink would cover all the required areas.


Screen printing has been a simple process. A majority of companies have been running out of people’s homes. They would range to huge corporations who would print several promotional products in huge quantities. However, while printing, you are required to be sure that you have all of the aforementioned tools. You would also require adequate knowledge of how they would be used. With just little practice, you would be able to print your own full coloured designs in a matter of time. Most people would make use of silk screen supplies to enhance the overall appearance of the design.


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