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Why HR Should Be Your First Career Priority

Working in human resources may not be the most glamourous-looking career within a company, but it is one of the few positions that offers job security, huge potential for growth, and the chance to work in almost any industry. Wherever you end up settling after taking your courses, you are sure to experience some of the most demanding and exciting days of your life, and the people you meet will make your job remain interesting until the day you retire. Whether you want to get into HR for the chance to grow or just want a job that can weather technological changes without being affected, this is a fantastic option on which to build a life.

A Position with Influence

No matter which industry you work in as an HR professional, you have a unique perspective on the business you work for. Not only will you have a strong understanding of an organisation’s priorities and challenges, but you also have the ability to directly and indirectly influence the future of the company based on the employment decisions you make. It is in the HR department that a business is built and where it finds its eventual success.

In this type of position, you have the unique opportunity to do good in people’s lives, namely the employees you hire and oversee. Great HR professionals have a finger on the pulse of what is going on in their companies and they continue to do whatever they can to make that company an employer worth working for as it grows. Therefore, taking human resources management courses will set you up to enjoy a level of influence that not many other jobs offer.

Above-Average Salary

HR professionals are extremely valuable to the companies they work for and thus the companies that hire them want to give them incentive to stay. Simply by doing your job well, you play a vital role in your organisation and you are compensated appropriately for the good work you do. The median annual salary for HR specialists in 2012 was more than £45,000, and that is before many of these professionals worked their way up the corporate ladder. Advancing into an HR management position could double your salary in an instant, meaning that you start with a comfortable salary and build toward something you can raise a family on without worry.

Opportunity Everywhere

So long as companies continue to employ workers, there will be a need for human HR specialists capable of handling everything that happens inside of the workspace. This means you have the opportunity to work in nearly any industry you find interesting and there will always be bigger and better opportunities for you to move onto in the future. If you want to start small and work up a reputation, you can start with a small or medium-sized company just beginning to take on additional employees. Perhaps you want to go right for the big organisations, and the opportunity to do so will be open in many different directions. Wherever you want to go after completing your courses, HR is one of the few positions on which you can rely for steady work.

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